Corebolics RAW PRO



About this item

  • Natural Whey Concentrate Powder + Digestive Enzymes
  • Pure 80% Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Formulated in USA
  • Nature’s Purest Source
  • 100% Diabetic Friendly

Product description

Corebolics RAW-PRO is a source of protein that was designed to help meet daily protein needs of men and women in all age groups. Highly digestible, it employs 100% ultrafiltered, low temperature processed whey protein concentrate. This naturally flavoured formula is also highly concentrated in essential amino acids- half of which are muscle-sparing branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that guard hard-earned muscles from catabolism- before, during and after workouts. RAW-PRO Whey can benefit practically everyone, from elite athletes, those making healthy lifestyle choices, to growing children, teens and even the elderly. When an athlete takes RAW-PRO Whey enhanced with Digezyme, the body can absorb more amino acids directly into the bloodstream, which ultimately aids in increasing muscle size, strength and lean body mass.

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3 Kg, 900 Grams


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