Corebolics Fat Burn (90 Capsules)


  • Increased Fat Cell Lipolysis
  • Supercharged Metabolism
  • Helps in Fat Loss
  • Serving size of 3 capsules per training

Product description

Corebolics BURN is our new, powerful fat burning formula, using the latest advancements in nutritional science. A three way approach to fat loss, that includes the most potent fat-incinerating ingredients ever researched by science. The “BURN” formula is advanced and complete, including ingredients designed to support metabolism, thermogenesis and training focus. With “BURN” we have taken the fat burning supplement category to the next level. Unlike most conventional “fat burners” out there, “BURN” is more than just a thermogenic. It is a complete and a comprehensive fat shredding formula that targets fat loss from multiple angles. This makes it the most effective fat -loss supplement that you will ever take.




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