Corebolics Dry Natural Diuretic Formula 60 Capsule


  • Water Regulation
  • Promotes Vascularity & Definition
  • Water Loss Formula
  • skinny fat burner

Product description

Have you been pushing yourself hard in the gym, but still have an extra layer of softness covering up your muscles? It might not be body fat after all, you might have a stubborn layer of water that’s been hiding away everything you want to show off. Well not anymore! DRY is an all-natural water loss formula that will eliminate the top layer of subcutaneous water retention that has been blurring away your coveted definition. Get the cuts, striations, and muscle tone that will finally give you the results you are happy with when the clothes come off. DRY is ideal for bodybuilding competitions, photoshoots or any big event where looking and feeling your best is an absolute top priority. DIRECTIONS: Take one serving (3 capsules) a day for 5 days before a photo shoot or an event to look your best. For contest preparation take one serving (3 capsules) for 10 days. Do not exceed the recommended dosage due to the extreme nature of the formulation.




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